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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Anxiety Curriculum for Children

Counseling groups can be hugely productive, but also completely exhausting.  It helps to go in prepared with a lesson and supplies ready to go.  With so many different needs, having a curriculum for each need can be a helpful tool to have on hand.  

It is my goal to produce several more groups this summer.  I have ideas for impulsive, disruptive behavior.  You might want to sign up with your email for alerts so you don't miss out!  

Anxiety is a common problem in my counseling room.  Many children come in feeling overwhelmed and alone in their distress.  I try to normalize their feelings and we quickly get busy learning coping skills and how to combat negative thoughts.  This curriculum takes you through several steps to address anxiety in children. 

My goal is to help them understand why they are feeling out of control and to give them skills to regain control over their emotions.  

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