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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Journey to My New Family

After searching the internet to find resources to use with children with abandonment issues, I finally decided to make a game to use with children who have been adopted or are in foster care.  This game focuses on attachment problems, feelings of abandonment, and helps them process feelings related to changes at home.  Children are able to identify feelings related to their role in the family and trust issues. 

There are two sets of cards to address family issues and feelings.  The questions are designed to provoke introspection and to process how changes continue to impact the child's feelings.  It is important to read through the cards before playing with clients, as some may be inappropriate for the child or situation. I would also encourage therapist who use this game to print a blank set of cards to write in questions that my be specific to the situation of the child you are working with. 

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Thought Crashers

I created this game about a year and a half ago and have been playing it with kids since then.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy it!  The first counseling game I designed was Cognitive Distortions.  It works well with older elementary kids and middle school kids, but younger kids really didn't get it.  I created this game to appeal to younger kids.  (However, my middle school clients like it as well!)

I try in every way that I can to use CBT techniques with my clients, as I believe they are effective to lasting change and good outcomes.  Teaching kids to understand CBT principles can be very challenging!  This game was designed to help children identify self-talk, irrational thought patterns, and to help kids learn how to modify their thoughts. 

This game puts Cognitive Behavioral Therapy skills in a play format.  Let's face it.  Children really do not typically sit still to talk about self talk and thought patterns! But they are willing to learn when it is presented through play.  

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You can also find our games on Amazon and Ebay.